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Platypus is an AI Data Engineering Agent.
It connects to your Data Ecosystem and helps you discover, organize, and implement your Data Needs, so you can Get Things Done quicker.

Let's make tedious Data Plumbing a thing of the past.


A Flexible AI Data Agent to Manage your Distributed Data Ecosystem

Organize & Catalog
Platypus maps-out all your distributed data assets, and allows for semantic search and organization.

Clean & Optimize
Platypus proposes data normalization techniques and cost optimization initiatives to optimize the System.

Manage Pipelines
To get things done, Platypus can create and manage real-time and batch pipelines, to move data from point A to point B.

Govern & Serve
Quickly serve any data in any form to any client, while keeping full traceability and control on the data governance.

Security & Privacy
Deployed 100% On-Premise and self-managed. You own your data, which is always encrypted at rest and transport.

Connects to your current Tools
Platypus learns from the tools you already use, and helps you get things done your way.

Transparent & Cost-Efficient
You get full infrastructure costs transparency. Platypus is designed to optimize for cost-efficiency.

Get your Time Back
Transform the way you serve the rest of the organization and reclaim valuable hours. An ally to move quickly across your Data Ecosystem.

Create & manage a real-time data ecosystem

With your directions, Platypus implements end-to-end data pipelines with full data flow observability.

Devs friendly - rapid data access for developers and BI to customize business solutions swiftly

Platypus automatically creates pipelines and other data assets to share data via a multitude of formats.

A Unified Map of Data Assets

A catalog you can act upon - Databases, tables, pipelines, schema transformations, BI dashboards, csv files, data-driven actions

Pre-built integrations to connect to your current Data Stack



Kafka Streams















Take Control of your Data Ecosystem

Signs of a chaotic data ecosystem

Platypus productivity help

Not full data catalog
Automatic data assets discovery & classification
Fragmented data governance
Semantic search across all metadata
Lack of real-time observability
Supports 40+ data sources
Not unified data schema across all the organization
Shift-left data management & governance
Manual data management & exploration
Real-time observability & data contracts
Create & Manage ETL Pipelines
Make every data asset accessible

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